Why Xpert Leave Management

Xpert Leave Management helps you automate and streamline people management processes like holidays, sickness, attendance and documentation. It’s a user-friendly, secure cloud-based system that makes it easy for everyone to manage their side of things – in real-time, from any device.

  • HR can track and manage absences, generate reports, analyse trends, keep on top of KPIs and ensure employee documentation is always up to date
  • Managers can approve holiday requests, track team absences and get real-time information to inform performance management processes
  • Staff can request holiday, track their absences and access all their payslips and contracts in one place


Holiday management

In a couple of clicks, staff can request time off. Managers get notifications, so they can approve it quickly. And everyone can see at a glance when the rest of the team is away, so they can make informed choices about how holidays will affect operations.

Sickness management

In-built forms make it simple for staff to add relevant illness details and notify managers and HR about days off. It’s then easy to monitor sick leave and manage return to work.

Custom absence management

Xpert Leave Management does more than just holiday and sick leave. You can also create and track custom absence types to cover the reality of your business and staff needs.

Attendance management

Xpert Leave Management integrates with attendance devices like smart cards and biometric scanning. That way, you can track clocking in and clocking out in real-time.

Hybrid work management

Easily configure home and office working days, and see where everyone is located in real time. It’s therefore simple to optimise use of office space and make sure you have in-person coverage to meet business needs.

Rota management

Coordinate who’s working and who’s off for each location get visibility across all branches.

Employee document portal

You have an easy way to comply with laws requiring employee access to key documentation. Xpert Leave Management provides a centralised hub for contracts, payslips and more.

Dashboards and reporting

Staff can track how much leave they’ve taken and how much they have left, what their attendance is like and more. Managers can keep tabs on teams. And HR gets an organisation-wide view, with helpful reports to inform policies and performance management.

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